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A disaster or a tragedy are words we dread to hear For every time that one occurs it take the life of someone dear. The latest one to happen in the seas off Donegal  Brought heartache pain and sorrow, to people big and small. It happened on a winter night when New Year had just gone by In gale force winds and stormy seas, neath a dark and angry sky. To people sitting in their homes, no harm could come their way But we never thought of fishermen out toiling in the bay. When first we heard a trawler sank sad thoughts came to our minds, We dearly hoped and prayed to God survivors they would find. The crew were young but wise in youth, like all men of the sea For a job like theirs demands so much, skilled men they had to be. Their fishing o'er and heading back on that cold and fateful night When hidden danger took a hand, and their boat plunged out of sight. Their comrades searched the sea around but no trace could be seen Of six young men, God rest their souls, lost in a sea of green. Days have passed, the search goes on, two bodies they have found But search they will undaunted, for friends by now feared drowned. These six young men have lost their lives in a sad and tragic way But we'll remember all of them each time we kneel to pray. And to their wives and families, no words can ease their pain But good is good and heaven is the place where we meet again.
    Evelyn Marie Disaster Poem by Niece Bonar
This site is dedicated to 11 brave fishermen who lost their lives at sea on the Evelyn Marie and Carraig Una off the coast of Donegal - LET NOT THEIR MEMORY PERISH
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